Accelerating sustainable growth through productive poweragro-processing clean water



Equatorial Power brings together a consolidated Team with a strong track record in renewable energy and access to energy projects.
The Team has pioneered off-grid electrification and productive use in the region, and continues in this path, with substantial business model innovation focused around filling the agro-processing value gap across rural Africa.


Our solution is a holistic business model where the delivery of productive energy is coupled with water purification and agro-processing services.

Our key innovations are our stimulation of demand through productive use of energy at our owned and operated industrial parks as well as local business incubation including asset financing.

We build sustainable strategic corporate partnerships; validating a “productive mini-grid” asset class to accelerate rural service delivery in scale.



Our vision is Universal access to productive electricity and clean water.
Equatorial Power believes that universal access to productive electricity in Africa can be achieved over the next 10 years. Delivering the energy-water-agroprocessing nexus is the key to a commercially viable, scalable and consumer-facing business model that can accelerate delivery of productive energy in rural areas.

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Equatorial Power




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Equatorial Power


Riccardo Ridolfi


A seasoned energy developer and energy access entrepreneur, with 5 years of specific experience as a developer and investor in mini grids in East Africa. Riccardo is a lawyer by training, qualified in 3 jurisdictions, with a background in structured finance and investment protection. Riccardo is also a Board Member of Umeme Ltd.

Dario Fallara


Dario has extensive experience in the off-grid sector working over a wide range of geographies and market sectors, managing operations in multiple countries. With a background in international relations, economic security and intelligence, Dario has expansive industry experience in geopolitics. Most recently working for the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Africa, Pacific and Caribbean countries division.

Abishek Bharadwaj


Abishek is an Engineer with an M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He worked for Energy4Impact as Program Manager. He has provided transaction advisory support to over 125 mini grid developers across solar, hydro and biomass based technologies, worked with 8 mini grid developers across Kenya and Tanzania. Abishek implemented projects in 75 villages in Asia.

Rose Atkinson


Rose brings together a combined experience of Oil & Gas EPC and delivering customer-centric operations to more than 30,000 Solar Home System clients. Rose uses data analysis and design thinking to establish systems and structures across customers, operations, and people.

Daudi Bitangaro


‘LL.B holder from the University of Canterbury in the UK and an ‘LL.M in International Trade and Investment Law from the University of Maastricht School of Law. Key previous experience includes working as a Tax Advisory and Energy Legal assistant at Birungyi, Barata & Associates. Daudi is in charge of regulatory and institutional affairs at the Company.

Nicholas Richardson


Nicholas Richardson is an English solicitor. He read law at Oxford University, trained in the City of London, and worked for leading law firms before forming his own firm. His legal work has focussed principally on corporate, commercial, and financing, including energy related projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Nicholas also brings a commercial perspective having served various companies as a non-executive director.


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