On-grid, Hydro | Uganda


  • Location:
  • Type:
    Hydro Power
  • Size:
    1MW – 2 MW
  • Connections:
    national grid + agro-processing

    About the Project

The Heisesero project is a run-of-water hydro project located in the Rubanda District in South Western Uganda, envisioning a 1 MW turbine estimated to produce circa 3GWh per year, which is to be sold to the national grid through a PPA, currently being negotiated.
The Kahengye project, located on the River Kahengye, Ntungamo District in South Western Uganda, envisions a 2 MW mini hydro generation plant, producing an estimated 5.3 GWh per year, also PPA based.

Both projects are set to promote grid stabilization during peak periods, and simultaneously catalyzing localized economic development.