Off-Grid, Solar | UGANDA


  • Location:
    Namayingo District, Lake Victoria
  • Type:
    Hybrid Solar Mini-grid
  • Size:
    600kWp + 600kWh
  • Connections:
  • Status:
    Under construction
  • Population:
  • Innovation:
    Agro-processin Hub
  • Partner:
    ENGIE, UN Women, UMASS

    About the Project

This is Equatorial Power and ENGIE’s first project together, under our ENGIE-Equatorial JV (“EE”).

EE is building a 600kWp Solar Plant (600kWh lithium-ion battery), with a fully integrated and remotely managed system – poised to be among the most advanced mini-grids in the world. 

The Lolwe mini-grid serves the entire island (approximately 15,000 people) for a total of 3,800 connections, both households and businesses. The latter are supported by EE’s Business Incubation and asset financing program.

EE’s integrated system also features an electric mobility integration, with electric outboard engines for boats and e-motorcycles, as well as an Agro-processing Hub to deliver water purification, ice making and other agricultural value-addition services like fish drying. 

EE is also launching an e-mobility pilot to support local fishermen by reducing their fuel expenditure and increasing their income through electric boats – while also increasing electricity consumption – all with a net positive environmental effect.

EE will work with New Energy Nexus (EnVentures) to run the Business Incubation programme which is aiming to target a quota of 50% women. This programme shall cover both current and new businesses and include asset financing to make use of the new energy access. EE is also working the Lolwe local Women Fishmonger Sacco to ensure inclusive recruitment and access to the services provided.

The Lolwe mini-grid truly reflects Equatorial Power’s integrated business model innovation, going beyond electrons for a holistic tech-enabled approach to delivering access to energy and other services.

EE is already working to scale-up across Lake Victoria and beyond.