Off-grid | Solar | DRC


  • Location:
    Idwji island
  • Type:
    Containerized solution
  • Size:
    30 kWp +90 kWh
  • Connections:
    10 + machineries for agro-processing+ ice making machine
  • Status:
    Under construction
  • Innovation:
    Agro-value chain
  • Partner:
    SustainPower, EforA

    About the Project

EP is installing a rural “industrial” minigrid, together with a “hub+spoke” cold chain system to be deployed on the island.

The industrial park is powered by a 30 kWp Solar PV and supported by storage capacity of 90 kWh lithium-ion batteries.

The scope of the project is the preservation and valorization of food, namely meat, dairy, and farmed tilapia to export to mainland markets as well as on the island. The project focuses on two key market sites on the island as well as the key fishing landing sites around the industrial park. EP is working with the fishing cooperative as well as the cooperatives at the market and UFIN to ensure inclusivity across its business incubation and appliance financing program.