Off-grid | Solar | TANZANIA


  • Location:
  • Singita Grumeti, Sasakwa concession
  • Type:
  • Size:
    40 kwp + 100 kwh
  • Connections:
    RISE Research Facility
  • Status:
  • Innovation:
    Research centre, including laboratory, conference room and work space, energy self-sufficient
  • Partner:
    Power Control Ltd – Sollatek energy east afric

  About the Project

EP’s first C&I turnkey EPC project.

EP installed 40kWp PV panels and a lithium-ion battery system of 80kWh capacity. The renewable energy solution is a roof-top solution and it is providing 24/7 clean energy.

The reduced use of diesel/petrol generators and other polluting sources of energy enable operational savings for our client and reduction of CO2 emissions.