Off-grid | Solar | UGANDA


  • Location:
    Kiwumu, Mukono District
  • Type:
    Hybrid Solar Mini-grid
  • Size:
    65 kWp + 190 kWh
  • Connections:
  • Status:
    Under construction
  • Population:
  • Innovation:
    First integrated mini-grid/national grid
  • Partner:
    UMEME, PoweForAll, Engrow

    About the Project

Equatorial Power is developing a regional first grid interconnection project, under the “Utility 2.0” consortium, bringing together partners like Umeme, EnerGrow, East Africa Power, Power 4 All and The Rockefeller Foundation.

Equatorial Power plans to operate a minigrid – drive consumer demand – then interconnect with the national grid in Uganda for the first time.

This will serve to explore how minigrid developers and national utilities can work together to accelerate energy access in a mutually beneficial manner – by sharing roles an responsibilities in operating rural clients with a view to growing demand faster while remaining cost efficient.

This Pilot project aims to prove an underlying business model that holds tremendous promise, not only to accelerate universal energy access on the continent,  but also to support the struggle national utilities are facing with an ever growing proportion of rural low-vending and widespread customers, with very limited operations budgets.

EP will connect 400 households and businesses, installing 65kWp Solar PV capacity and a lithium-ion battery storage system for 190kWh.

EnerGrow will support the community through business incubation and appliance financing, whilst EAP is piloting productive use innovation for milling customers.